Sculpture is my primary medium. While most of my public works are large abstract wood or stone carvings, I use the figure as inspiration for all my work. I learned to study the beauty of the human form while at Harpur college in the mid 60s. I spent my studio time with Ed Wilson and Chuck Eldred. I turned slides for every art history class taught at that time, thanks to historians Ferber and Lindsay. Ken Lindsay encouraged me, to tour Europe and visit the works of the masters, in person.When I was in Florence, I solidified my own notions of what it would mean to integrate art into my everyday life.Every thinking citizen needs a personal form of creativity. Pure Art if that means separate from normal living is insufficient. From the times of the cave dwellers to today, artists have found a way to integrate art into all they do.

Rita Kepner

8643 Flagler Rd.

Nordland WA 98358

phone: 360-385-5971